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Kristi and her husband Dave are natives of Arizona and work as a team. Dave illustrates and Kristi writes. Kristi and Dave have been married for over eleven years.  Kristi is a paraplegic from a horseback riding accident when she was 15. She is a 1993 graduate of Biola University where she earned  a Bachelor of Arts degree. Dave has worked as a city sanitation driver over 25 years. They are a blended family and together they have four sons. Their youngest son, Dillon, can be seen in all of their books as the little boy that asks Mommy to tell him a story. Kristi comes from a very strong Christian home which is the motivation for the values that she puts in her stories.

We want to take a moment and personally thank you for sharing our books with your treasured little ones. We consider it a privilege to be able to share our books with young growing minds and hearts.  

The beauty of a story is that it can be about anyone or anything.  Its only limit is your imagination.This truth spans culture, race, social class or gender.  All children love stories.  We love this about children!

Our books are designed to help children tap into their abilities to make their own stories. We want to encourage young minds to understand that they too can come up with their own stories by just observing the world around them.  

All of our books have a lesson to learn. Being a mom and former teacher, I have learned to never waste a teachable moment.  I purposely use inanimate objects or animals in my stories because I don’t want the focus to be on the gender or nationality of the character but on the attributes of the character and what lessons they need to learn. I also added the element of rhyme to make the stories easier to read and remember.  

We also have worked very hard to bring characters to life that will inspire children’s own artistic creations.  Dave works countless hours to create colorful and lovable characters and scenery free-hand in colored pencil. With colored pencils or crayons maybe they can learn to draw like Mr. Dave.This is why we have provided coloring pages at the back so they can do some creating of their own.  We encourage you to photocopy them so they can color them as many times they want.

We designed the Mommy,Tell Me a Story book series for little ones all over the world to help them express their own talents and see where the books can take them through imagination, lessons, and beautiful artistic expression.

“This book could not be more timely to help children understand the benefits of, the need for and how recycling works. The book puts a caring human face to the man with the big truck who picks up so much trash week after week. It helps them to understand that it is not a truck that picks up the trash but a person. It is a simple message that we all need to do what we can to extend our planet's resources.”

“This is a wonderful children's book. My great-granddaughter loves it and wants it read to her over-and-over. The storyline and illustrations make this book a real treasure.” 

“This book is a treasure for any child. Simple for a child to read and has a great moral for the child to glean. Illustrations are thoughtful and detailed with lots of personality.”  

“A wonderful story about a mom telling her child a story, well written! The illustrations are awesome. So very colorful with lots of expression for the little ones.” 

“This is a great story to help children think about others especially when it comes to safety. It is a great lesson in simple consideration and the value of other people even in competition...winning isn't everything! “ 

“This is a great uplifting story for children. Some days at school can leave children feeling like they didn't measure up in the social world. This is a great book to help them to remember that we all have different talents and abilities.”

“Mommy, Tell Me a Story About a Plane is a sweet, charming book which describes an aging plane who learns that it is important to enjoy who you are. He does this by finding some new, unexpected friends. The story is a great, read aloud, bedtime story for children up to second grade.“
2015 Calendar of Events
Come Out and Show Dave and Kristi Your Support

March 07             Gilbert Art Walk 9-1PM (Down Town Gilbert AZ)

March 14-15
         2015 Tucson Festival of Books - University of Arizona                                                           (RICHER Press Author Team Booth #142)

March 21 
            Boulder Creek Elementary Bazar 3-6 PM

March 28 
            Red Mountain Library Book Fair, Mesa 1-5 PM

March 30
             Visit to Desert Vista Elementary School, Apache Junction, Arizona

April 11
              Gilbert Global Village

October 23 
          School Visit at Banner Academy in Tempe

October 23 & 24     Book Signing at Sydney’s Café & Market at Tempe Market Place
                       Friday from 4-7pm (Story time-5pm)
                       Saturday from 12-5pm (Story time-2pm)

November 14         Gilbert Art Walk in Downtown Gilbert
                       9-1pm by Water Tower

November 20 & 21   Candy Cane Lane Craft Boutique & Holiday Market
                        First Baptist Tempe- 4525 S. McClintock Dr. Tempe,Arizona
                        Friday from 4-8 pm
                        Saturday from 9-3 pm

December 5th        Red Mountain Library Children’s Book Event Mesa,Arizona
                       1-4 pm

Dave and Kristi Grimm Visits the Boulder Creek Elementary School in Mesa,Arizona           February 2015

Lots of Reading,Fun and Excitement
Life Changing Talk Radio in 2014

Kristi and Dave appear on LIVING A RICHER LIFE - Life Changing Talk Radio Show and Discuss what it takes to develop and nurture healthy families.

Current Self Help Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Richer Life Talk Radio on BlogTalkRadio

Kristi Wins Harvest Book Reading Competition

The 2013 Harvest Book Reading, a charitable event sponsored annually by ManaSpirits, an Arizona-based non-profit, selected Kristi and two other Arizona published authors as winners of the 2013 Harvest Book Reading Featured Book Competition. The event was held on Saturday, November 9th at the South Mountain Community College Library. Kristi provided the audience with insights into why she wrote her new book titled, "Mommy Tell Me a Story about a Fish." The book is designed to help young children understand and value the differences in others.

Newest Release
Mommy,Tell Me a Story about a Fish

Pearl is a pink fish who was born with very curly fins. Clark is a smart little shark who makes fun of Pearl and her curls. One day Clark has an accident with a boat and suddenly he looks different, too. Pearls learns that her difference is for a reason and Clark learns that when you are friends, being different doesn't matter. The Book includes Big People's Page, Coloring pages and more.

FROM REVIEW BY A RECENT CUSTOMER "This is a wonderful children's book. My great-granddaughter loves it and wants it read to her over-and-over. The story-line and illustrations make this book a real treasure." .

Excerpt from: 
Mommy, Tell Me a Story about a Fish

“Mommy, tell me a story about a fish.
Maybe someone could make a wish.

Can it have sharks with really big teeth?
And maybe they could all live in a reef.”

 Then she said. “Now let me think,
Should our little fish be pink?

Winning Collaboration
Diabetes and Healthy Eating

Phoenix, Arizona -  On July 4, 2013 RICHER Press released the new book written by Charles Mattocks, the celebrity chef, best selling author and Emmy nominated actor and Kristi Grimm, the author of the popular "Mommy, Tell Me a Story" Children's book series. 

Dave & Kristi Grimm discuss new book on Live CBS TV Broadcast




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